Please make your payouts by 30th of this month. Payouts will be cleared by 10th of October 2013 in perfect money account.

Payouts of all underestimated panels will be blocked.


ACN is a workforce management company that service institutions requiring data entry services. Our main goal is to support our client’s digitization requirements by converting scanned papers into editable digital documents. Our services also include Neural Network Text Recognition, Voice-to-text transcription and Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart image recognition for the visually impaired (blind). We’re currently looking for users from around the globe. All you need to have to work with us is a computer with an internet connection and the ability to run our software for at least 4 hours a day. Our schedules are flexible. You can work at any hour that you want and for as long as you please. The more accounts you have, the more cash you earn.

ACN is fantastic for:

• Those people who stays at home.
• Those who need a second job.
• Students.
• People in between jobs.
• Unemployed.
• Disabled.

Auto Captcha Software has cracked verification codes that display and make you enter the text from a picture to submit a form. New OCR image reading technology is what powers this killer program by ACN. Stop wasting your time by typing captcha. Use our automated OCR captcha readable software to solve captchas within seconds. Payments are guaranteed.

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